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Accessibility is one of our core values and at the forefront of all the work that we create. It is something we view as an essential part of theatre making and believe it is often overlooked within the performance industry. Therefore, we pledge to always provide a lower income ticket for those who may struggle to sub the cost of a theatre visit andto provide a physical accessibility, not just to the venue, but to the stage itself.

Who are SwitchMCR?

SwitchMCR is a collective driven by young artists. Our aim is to bring emerging artists together to create new theatre, gain further experience in our chosen fields and get greater exposure within the performance industry. Through the support of 53two and their charity branch, FOUNDation, we are able to provide this platform for emerging artists, to hone their craft, learn new skills, create work and develop as individuals.


Why do we exist?

Sara Elli

How do I get involved?

SwitchMCR operates in bi-annual cycles. Offering a chance for new artists to join the team. Every 6 months, SwitchMCR will open their doors and audition people who want to take part. We are looking for young people aged between 18-30 who have an area in which they specialise in and can demonstrate a drive and determination that meets the expectations of the SwitchMCR family.

What do SwitchMCR offer?

As well as pledging to offer accessible theatre, SwitchMCR is about the development of emerging talent. Therefore, we aim to produce one professional show every 6 months, which we will invite agents and casting directors to on behalf of the company. We also offer free headshots sessions for all of our members.

Being a part of 53two's resident company also means we recieve close mentoring from Simon Naylor and Alexandra Maxwell and in addition to that; 20% off selected workshops and lessons with Manchester Actor's Platform.

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